snow covered mountains and homes of Uttarakhand
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Uttarakhand is a state of great spiritual importance in India. Haridwar and Rishikesh are situated here. This Indian state is famous for another reason. It is the number of hill stations it hosts.
According to popular online resources, there are 12 hill stations in Uttarakhand. This include the very famous Dehradun, Nainital ,Mukteshwar and Mussoorie. It is no surprise that people who visit
these hill stations are captivated by the beauty of nature. Many of them would aspire to own a property in this state. But how much do they know about real estate norms in Uttarakhand?

So, let’s explore some of the common questions that potential buyers may have-

Below are the most important and frequently asked questions about Uttarakhand real estate –

1- Can Property for sale in Nainital / Property for sale in Uttarakhand/ Property for sale in Mussoorie and Rest of Uttarakhand is avaialble for outsiders?

YES! Now Uttarakhand is open to buyers who are outside of the state. One can buy real estate in nainital Or others hill station in uttarakhand without size restrictions within the municipal limits. When it is outside the city limits, there are restrictions for the extent of land one can purchase which was earlier 500 Sq meters and later reduced to 250 Sq meters by the State government.

2- What are the advantages of Investing in a property in Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand is a promising investment destination for investors looking for quick appreciation of built -up property. According to reliable sources on the Internet, property rates in Mukteshwar had appreciated by more than 3 times in the last 3 years. In line with its growth as a tourist destination,
property rates had also seen the biggest jump in the last two years. Nainital has a unique position as a real estate destination too.

3- Now, let us look into specifics of property measurement, construction and registration procedure.

a)- How is land measured in Uttarakhand?

Land in Uttarakhand is mostly measured in Sq yards as shown below-

Unit Conversion
1 Biswa 48.4 Sq yd

1 Biswansi 1/20 Biswa

1 Bigha 968 Sq yd

b)What are the construction materials and methods commonly used in Uttarakhand?

• Locally sourced construction materials are widely used in Uttarakhand.

• The foundation is typically 2 feet deep and is made of stone.

• The walls are constructed using stone rubble and wooden members.

• Houses are plastered with mud and cow dung.

• Timber projections are used under the roof eaves.

c)- What is the list of documents needed for property registration in Uttarakhand?

• Duly signed original document

   • Encumbrance Certificate
   • Proof of identity
   • Power of attorney as applicable
   • Deed /document to be registered
   • Valuation Certificate as per requirement
d)- How to register a property bought in Uttarakhand?

Registration of property can be done in the sub registrar’s office after registration on the online portal website is maintained by the government of Uttarakhand.

e)- Are you interested to buy or sell property in Uttarakhand ?

Today online is the best source to find a buyer or seller or tenant due to its reach beyond boundary

and visibility to greater audience .There are numerous online property portals.. You can Post Ad for free to sell / rent your property in Uttarakhand hill stations you can not only find properties in Nainital / Dehradun / Mussoorie alone but all across India.

f)- Options available for homestay in Mukteshwar?

A)- Indus Valley Mukteshwar- It is the ideal option for nature lovers looking to stay in Mukteshwar for a longer period of time. It provides housing, vacation homes, and ready-to-move-in premium cottages with gardens, as well as custom wooden cottages, villas, apartments, and studios in a variety of price ranges. Currently, there are two active initiatives, one of the name is the Poetry By Hills and the other is Indus Valley. This outstanding Himalayan-facing project in Mukteshwar is surrounded by peace and lush green vistas that set the standard for all subsequent projects.
Location - Dhanachuli, State Highway, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263132

B)- Pinnacles Retreat – It is an eco-friendly hotel that will guarantee your closeness to the beauty of nature. There are mountain cottages, luxurious tents, and ordinary tents on the property. If you love the outdoors and adventure, Mukteshwar is the perfect destination for you to stay. The camp plans various outdoor leisure activities such as Jeep Safaris, Trekking, and Nature Walks. Additionally keeping visitors entertained are yoga classes and indoor activities. Pinnacles Retreat is an environmentally conscious resort that guarantees your connection to nature. Standard tents, premium tents, and mountain villas are available at Pinnacles Retreat.
Location - Hartola (near Mukteshwar) District - Nainital, Uttarakhand

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