5 Essential Things To Do When Exploring Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand

Lake in Uttarakhand
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In comparison to the attention that tourists pay to Nainital or Mussoorie, Mukteshwar is tucked in the Kumaon Hills and goes unnoticed. It is a small, peaceful hill station at a height of 2,171 meters. The location appeals to those who are seeking a taste of a serene vacation amidst the mountains. Here is everything you need to know about exploring Mukteshwar if you're going there soon -


1. Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple -

A historic temple that is isolated and surrounded by beautiful views can be seen from Chauli Ki Jali's vantage point at a certain distance. Reaching the Mukteshwar Mandir requires climbing a number of stairs. However, once you see the sights from there, it might all be worthwhile. You can spend some quiet time at the temple because it is not crowded with worshippers like other temples. The beauty of this temple is that it serves as a reminder of how tranquil nature's wilderness can be.

Lord Shiva temple


2. Freshwater Lake -

You can travel to any of the 4 freshwater lakes in the Kumaon hills from Mukteshwar if you want to take additional revitalizing trips. Sattal, Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal, and Nainital lakes are the lakes in consideration. Bhimtal and Sattal are two of the four that are not so frequently visited. To reach any of these lakes, you would need to drive for more than an hour. We only advise you to go to one lake or two to take in the serene atmosphere if you have enough free time.

Lake close to mountains


3. Fruit Orchard - 

You'll probably start noticing while you're here, that Mukteshwar is a hill station with a lot of fruit orchards. Make sure to stop at a few of the orchards you come across. Since orchards are not always on public land and may be a part of upscale resorts, you must take permission before entering any orchard. If you have the opportunity to visit an apple or pear orchard, take it wisely and avoid picking any of the fruit. You can taste some fresh fruit juice at stalls that are typically located close to these big orchards after seeing them.

A fruit Orchard


4. Souvenirs and Cafes -

The Nirvana Organic Store and Kilmora Handicraft Stores are two of the most exciting shops in Mukteshwar where you can buy something to take home. Here, you can choose a few locally crafted, handmade things. Another interesting store where you can purchase some delicious handmade chocolates is Choco House Chocolatiers. Nirvana Organic Kitchen, Chirping Tales Café, Café Chandi Mati, and The Birdcage are some of the best cafes to enjoy mouthwatering Mukteshwar food.

A small cafe close to mountains


5. Indus Valley Mukteshwar - 

If you want to stay in Mukteshwar for a longer period, Indus Valley Mukteshwar is the perfect choice for the nature lover, It offers the facility of housing, vacation homes, and ready to move in premium cottages with gardens, as well as customized wooden cottages, villas, apartments, and studios in an economic range. Each residential unit has a wonderful view of the snow-capped Nanda Devi range. Also, it provides many options to invest in Nainital and encourages every investor to come forward and have a dwelling of their choice in the scenic beauty.

Cottages and holiday homes in mountains

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