Mukteshwar : Your Complete Travel Guide And Everything You Need To Know !

Homes in the mountains
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History of Mukteshwar :

Discovery of Mukteshwar in Modern India was happened to be done by the Britishers. Mukteshwar was developed as a center for research in the year 1893. Mukteshwar is surrounded by thick and dense forests of coniferous trees and fruit orchards of Apples. Perched upon a hilltop of the Kumaon hills, Mukteshwar offers a 360 degree bird eye view of the majestic Himalayan mountain range or the Kumaon hills. Mukteshwar is a hill station and a tourist destination and it is located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand.

Located at an altitude of 2,286 meters in the laps of the Kumaon hills. This town got its name after a very famous legend and a Shiva temple situated here by the name of Mukteshwar Dham. This temple is believed to be more than 350 years old and it is a very famous pilgrimage spot of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. Legend has it that Lord Shiva had a fierce battle with a demon when the demon was annihilated Shiva gifted him the boon of salvation in Hinduism known as ‘mukti‘. And Thus the place got its name to be known as Mukteshwar.


Geography of Mukteshwar :

As Mukteshwar lies on an average elevation of 2,286 metres you will see multitude of geographical phenomenon. Mukteshwar is rich in scenic beauty, with magnificent views of the Indian Himalayas including India’s second-highest peak, Nanda Devi. Because of the hilly topography, agriculture in the area consists chiefly of potato fields and fruit orchards on terraces cut farms on the hillsides. Mukteshwar is well connected by roads in the hilly terrain of Uttarakhand.


Climate of Mukteshwar :

Mukteshwar has a propotional subtropical highland climate. Mukteshwar witness all 3 seasons of summer, monsoon and winter with different colors. However, due to its high elevation, Mukteshwar is spared the intense heat of lower-lying towns and cities and tends to be relatively colder.

Mukteshwar has cold winters and relatively cool summer with drastically escalated rain in monsoons coherently followed by the frequent fog. Snowfall occurs occasionally in December and January with an average temperature of 11 to -1 °C while the heavy rainfall events occurs during the monsoon season stretching with an average temperature of 10-20 °C.


Places to Visit in Mukteshwar :

Church,shop, mountains and bus


Dhanachuli :

Dhanachuli is a quaint hamlet which is located at an astounding elevation of 7,000 feet from the sea level. This is located at a very close proximity to Mukteshwar Nainital about a few kms only,is blessed with scenic grandeur and a serene environment. This place is perfect to just relax and do nothing and unwind from the everyday stress of a busy hustle.


Chauli ki Jali :

Chauli ki Jali is a mountaineous cliff. Chauli means rock and Jali means hole. It is one of the most famous attractions in Mukteshwar. Located right behind the cliff is the pilgrim of the Mukteshwar Dham or temple reverd to Lord Shiva. This is paradise for nature lovers. Its vast vistas expanses beyond Chauli ki Jali. The beauty of this place is unadulteratedand pure. This is a favorite spot for outdoor adventure lovers as you can trek uphill the mountain and ultimately reach the cliff.


Mukteshwar Dham :

Mukteshwar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The town derives its name as Mukteshwar from this 350 year old temple. This temple is perched at an elevation of 2,300 meters above sea level and it offers a fantastic view of the enchanting surroundings. This temple endores a simple architecture with stone steps leading to the abode of the deities.


Indian veterinary research center :

A souvenier left by the Britishers can be seen in Mukteshwar in the form of this institute. This was built and maintained by the British during the Crown Rule here in India, the Indian veterinary research center is one of the leading research facilities engaging in livestock research and contributes to the development of this region. It also have a museum and a library within its campus to visit.


Methodist Church :

Another leftover of Britishers is this homely church. In keeping with the town in which it was built for the walls and the roof the church are well preserved. This church represents the british architecture and life.

ProTip :- You can only enter inside the church to visit between 3 to 4PM on a sunday.


Kilmora shop :

Kilmora shop! What a unique shopping experience,it offers to all of its patrons and tourists. Kilmora shop also handicrafts at a very affordable and an economic price to takeaway as a souvenir for yourself. You can also buy local handicraft souvenirs made from locally sourced material.


Choco-House choclatiers :

Choco-house sells some of the most delicious handmade chocolates in Mukteshwar region. The chocolates made here are fresh out of the oven and are only prepared using locally sourced natural products.


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